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Michael Locke Garage Doors have been supplying, installing, and repairing garage doors since 2003.  We specialise in all aspects of garage door installation and repair. For a free quote, simply get in touch with our professional team today. 

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At Michael Locke Garage Doors, we believe in never charging you for a new door you don't need. If your door can be repaired, it will be. That's just one of the reasons why Birmingham and West Midlands customers come to us in the first place. Call us today for a free quote. 

Call us on  0121 258 4283 or
07740 875745

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Horizontal view of black sectional garage doors on a large house


Looking for garage door suppliers that supply leading brands in Birmingham? Contact Michael Locke Garage Doors now.

Need help? Call our team today on  0121 258 4283 or 07740 875745.

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